Donations and grants for the Basilica
To preserve the monument it is still necessary to do pressing restoration works, for which sponsorships and donations are required.

Banker's draft:
Cassa di risparmio di Pistoia e Pescia
c/c n° 000002308C00 headed to Parrocchia della Madonna dell'umiltą
ABI 06260 CAB 13800 CIN S
Postal current account n° 60265816 headed to Parrocchia della Madonna dell'umiltą, ABI 07601 CAB 13800 CIN R

Although the documentary attestation of the ecclesia S. Maria Forisportam is rather late (XII century), the church has far more ancient origins. It dates from certainly before the building of the second circle of walls (half of the XII century), which included it inside the structure of the town. It has been assumed that the church could

even date back to the VIII century, when the extra-urban name of S. Maria Forisportam is documented in other Longobard centres like Lucca and Castelseprio. Under this name the church... more

XV century: The building of the Sanctuary mariano, the church of Santa Maria dell'Umiltą, was deeply desired to offer a more

honourable seat to the fresco of Our Lady with child (humbling sitting down and not on the throne) placed in the ancient extra-urban church of St. Maria Forisportam (the new building rose from its foundations)...

Inside Our Lady of Humility Basilica it is possible to admire many works of art dating from the XV to the XVIII centuries.

"It is a pleasant discovery to see how much our beautiful town can offer to those interested in its treasures and how it can help to understand a positive values inspiring history". Simone Scatizzi- Bishop of Pistoia

Look at the position of the Holy Areas such as chapels, altars, confessionals, presbyteral seat, tabernacles, pulpits inside the basilica. In this section some of the drawings and projects for the construction of the basilica can be looked at.
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